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Accounting A&L Style provides cost effective, efficient accounting and bookkeeping services in Helsinki. We specialize in accounting for small and recently established companies.

If you need a bookkeeper or an accountant in Finland, Accounting A&L Style can help you with all your daily bookkeeping and accounting services including VAT and tax. At the end of the financial year we produce financial statements and closing of accounts and fill your tax return. Our bookkeepers speak English.

Accounting A&L Style offers bookkeeping services on an entry basis, making affordable and competitive pricing for small companies possible. Monthly accounting prices start at 40€/month.

Our office is located in Aleksanterinkatu 15, Helsinki. 

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Bookkeeping and accounting in Helsinki, Finland
Kirjanpitopalvelu A&L Style  |  Helsinki  |  |  Puhelin: (09) 4257 8260
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